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Part One - Loan Details
1. I want to Refinance an existing property:
Buy a property and:
I don't have an existing property
Selling an existing property and need bridging finance
Selling an existing properly but don't require bridging finance
Keeping my existing property
2. I am at the stage where : I have signed a contract for a property
I am in the offer process for a property
Found a property I'm interested in
I've started looking for a property
I'm just beginning and havn't started looking yet
3. Will you be performing renovations or construction? : Yes No
4. With regards to organising a loan : I'm just confirming what I can borrow
I'd like E-Loan to find the best loan product for me
I have another offer and would like E-Loan to see if there is a better match for my needs
I am just researching the options at present
5. I intend to finalise my loan within : 30 days
3 months
6 months
more than 6 months
6. The approximate amount I want to borrow is : $
7. The approximate value of the property is : $
8. The property I want to buy is located in :

Part Two - Contact Details
Title: Mr Mrs Miss Ms Dr
First name:
Last name:
Phone (Day time):
Phone (After hours):
Mobile Phone:
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