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Many of Australia's banks and other financial institutions use overseas based call centers and service centers to handle your enquiry and administer your loan. Many bank customer's have felt the frustration of talking on the phone to a unqualified person sitting in a call center in a far off country who has little real knowledge of their requirements. It can also result in your financial security and privacy being put at risk, because your sensitive financial information is being sent to countries which do not have the same privacy laws and protections as Australia.

Before trusting your data to any Bank or Financial institution you should read the Articles below based on investigations by the ABC's Four Corners program.

ELOAN strongly believes that Australian customers expect their information to be protected by Australian laws. 

ELOAN does not believe in exporting Australian jobs overseas.

ELOAN does not use foreign call or service centers, all your information is held in Australia and is only handled by Australian loan professionals.

Article 1: Call Centre - Cyber Crime and Article 2: Indian call centres sell off Australians' details .



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