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E-LOAN.com.au is the on-line arm of one of Australia's most progressive group of finance companies. E-LOAN.com.au was one of the early pioneers of online mortgages in Australia. E-LOAN.com.au is renowned for bringing Australians competitive products in an easy to use online format. E-LOAN has changed the mortgage market forever. E-LOAN.com.au has grown to become a leading online provider of home mortgages and many other loan products.

The loan process is slightly different for every person, and at E-LOAN we recognize that each loan is unique. However, there is a pattern to the loan process, and you should know what to expect before you decide to apply. At E-LOAN, your mortgage is assigned a loan consultant who will personally assist you through the entire process and help you close your loan in as little as ten business days.

E-LOAN offers a wide range of products to meet all your financing needs, from 30-year variable rate mortgages to home equity loans. E-LOAN's latest innovation is the E-LOAN Express Mortgage, a loan with reduced paper work and a streamlined appraisal, making the process faster and easier.

E-LOAN was founded on the principal of offering its customers the best loan selection and price, while maintaining superior service. E-LOAN gives you more control over the decision making process, since you are fully informed of the loan options available and kept up to date on the loan's progress. Unlike traditional brokers, at E-LOAN you do not pay commissions to your Loan Consultants, providing you substantial savings. Our goal is to offer better service, no hidden junk or lender fees, greater control and a streamlined process.

E-LOAN was founded on the principal of offering its customers the Best loans and price without sacrificing customer service. E-LOAN believes it is quality not quantity that counts. Many brokers advertise that they have loans from 30+ lenders but they do not offer genuine product choice. E-LOAN offers real choice. E-LOAN only offers the best of the best. To guide you through the selection process E-LOAN assigns you a personal loan consultant who helps and advises you throughout the loan process. As a lender, E-LOAN offers lower fees, greater control and a streamlined process.

At E-LOAN we process your loan application. Unlike our competitors, E-LOAN is not just a broker or front-end to traditional lenders that process loans the same old way. Using the Internet and controlling the process, we offer you unique benefits:

                     More Savings: E-LOAN saves you hundreds of dollars by cutting commissions, eliminating unnecessary fees and offering competitive rates from many lenders in one place.

                     Faster process: Access to underwriters gives most borrowers a firm credit decision quickly. Unnecessary steps are eliminated, resulting in faster settlements.

                     Single point of contact: Your personal loan consultant will help you throughout the process without any handoffs.

                     Flexibility to meet your needs: E-LOAN is involved in the obtaining of the underwriting decision and that gives us greater flexibility to resolve any issues that arise.

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